Behind the Scenes

Curious to know more about Ted's life?

Take a special look at what happened behind the scenes during Ted 2 filming. Curious how it all happened? Interested to know who brought the crazy teddy bear to life? There were times when he had to be brought to the stage by the cast, as well as times when he had to be fit in the perfect position for a scene. Once you see the first Ted movie, you will find it a little unusual to see him as a static teddy bear doing nothing crazy. Check out some of Mark Wahlberg's best scenes, as well as the most intense scenes Amanda Seyfried and Seth Macfarlane had to go through during the filming. It might be better than the actual trailer.

Go further into details and check the struggles behind Ted 2

Ted 2 has been filmed in a few different locations. However, the cast and crew have spent quite some time in the Boston Public Garden, the Financial District and the South End – even better, as Mark Wahlberg is a Boston native. The whole film takes two hours and five minutes, so there have been countless hours of continuous shooting and editing. Check out the gallery below for more pictures.