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Find out more about your favorite celebrities starring in Ted 2. Whether it comes to Mark Wahlberg's fitness and wellbeing venture or Seth Macfarlane popularity as an animator and not really an actor, discover the secrets of some of the actors putting together one of the best comedies in Hollywood. Unfortunately, there is nothing available about Ted.

Mark Wahlber
as John

Mark Wahlberg is currently one of the top rated actors in Hollywood. He is also known as a model, rapper, songwriter and producer. Over the last years, he has started a new venture as a businessman, being actively involved in fitness and wellbeing.

Amanda Seyfried
as Samantha

Amanda Seyfried is better known as an actress, yet she also performs as a model, singer and songwriter, but at a way lower scale. She gained popularity after her successful debut in the teen comedy Mean Girls. However, her career way before than, as she was modeling since 11 years old.

Seth Macfarlane
voice of Ted

Seth Macfarlane is involved in a series of projects. Known as a filmmaker, singer and animator, he has gained more notoriety than ever with Ted 2, where he also starred as an actor. He is also behind television series Family Guy, The Orville, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

Jessica Barth
as Tami-Lynn

Jessica Barth has gained popularity as an actress due to Ted – 2012. She also joined the cast for Ted 2. Meanwhile, she starred in Next – 2007. She was married to Brett Dicksa before getting together with Danny Cusumano in 2015.

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