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Making viewers laugh since 2015

Definitely one of the best comedies ever made. If you think Ted was hilarious, get ready to experience a new level of fun with Ted 2.

Doing the impossible

Can Ted officially become a person?

Life is good for Ted and Jessica, but there comes a time in a couple's life when both partners want a baby. And Ted is a teddy bear. Can the crazy bear prove that he is a person? There is only one way to find out. Join Ted and his buddy John in a venture that pushes everything further. Can the happy couple adopt a baby? There is only one way to find out. One thing is for sure – you will have a good time hoping for the best.

Ted floating between personal property and an actual person.

Poor Ted is about to enjoy the time of his life and finally raise a finally by adopting a baby. But then, other people have different plans when it comes to money and business. This is when the action begins – can Ted pull it out in the end?

Ted is split between a big company trying to create more talking bears and his wish to start his own family. The case goes to court, but not in a serious way.

Critic reviews

Is Ted 2 better than Ted? Only one way to find out.

Reviews from critics have been mixed. However, the film has grossed more than $216 million. It has been well received by fans from all over the world. Positive critic reviews claim on a masterpiece, while the negative ones are not truly negative, but mostly neutral.

Watch Ted 2 and judge for yourself.

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