Ted 2 – get ready for Ted's adventure taken to a new level.

The world-famous teddy bear is back with even crazier adventures this time. If you enjoyed his first adventure, watch Ted do it again in the second one.


Much crazier and better than the first one – definitely worth it. You will be on the floor laughing.

Jaine Evans

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Meet the main actors bringing Ted to life again

From the Director's Desk

Seth Macfarlane takes over the director role

And he does it pretty well while taking his vision of Ted to a new level. In fact, most critics agree that he has done a better job as a director of Ted 2 than one of the cast members.

It is up to you to decide – watch Ted 2 today!

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Oh no, not again!

Ted is back to ruin others' fun

Life has changed drastically for those around Ted and when a child adoption comes in, Ted seems to be the only problem because he is seen as property, rather than a living being.

Can Mark Wahlberg keep the crazy teddy bear under control?

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  • OMG the second part is out of this world. Loved the first one, yeah, but this second part takes Ted's adventures to a brand new level.
    Jessica Barlow
  • If you loved the first part, you will instantly fall for the second one, which is even better in my opinion. There are no clichés in this part – everything is new and fresh.
    Johnny Sars
  • It's definitely a refreshing comedy. There are no outdated jokes. Must be hard to find authentic humor these days, but they did it. And they did it really well in Ted 2!

    Simone Lineker

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